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    Kanye Nickname Generator

    Jesus the Second
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    Any of you guys did Tough Mudder?

    Would love to do it. 
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    25 on the 14th Not getting old, getting better
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    Things your neighbors doesn't know about you. Post for the LOL

    As a kid on my moms bday I would go and cut flowers from my neighbors flower garden.
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    the thread about nothing...

    Ran a half marathon today knees and ankles are killing me
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    Team X Blades >>>

    Dude gave up all the money free gear to work at a Dog wash 
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    Ruptured Achilles .... Going under the knife today

    Go to quickcare
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    Why don't YOU have a tattoo or body mod? Vol. Everybody's doing it...

    Nothing I can think of that 50+ years from now that would not have made me regret it
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    How fast could you run 7 miles?

    around 50 mins
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    Having 2 finals on the same day UNAPPRECIATION

    Mon-3rd exam for organic chem Tues- Physics final Wed-nothing Thur- History, Informatics, Statistics final Fri- Final for organic chem I hate my life
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    -- I want to influence at least ten NTers to study abroad/travel -- vol. Carpe Diem

    Did study abroad in Santiago Dominican Republic in 2007. Moved back to DR in 09
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    NT, What's The GRIMIEST Place You've Ever Been To?

    Haina Dominican Republic
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    Alicia Silverstone, Wha The!!?? :X

    Did I read her sons name is Bear Blu?
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    What is paradise to you?

    Successful Emergency room physicianSexy Dominican wifeBMW and or Porsche Live in Scarsdale, NY
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