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    What shoes (basketball) have the best ankle support?

    No Huaraches. I sprained my right ankle in them - they're way too thin and minimal to protect your ankles. I recommend the Melo M3 and Lebron IIs.
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    Official Spurs vs. Hornets Game 7 5/19 8:30 ET on TNT

    You wish, buddy. You wish.
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    People are getting lazy with nick names these day!

    AK-47 fits, since he's Russian and pretty adept at snuffing out his opponents. Mamba is lame, because Kobe can't give himself a nickname, someone else has to give it (i.e., Shaq dubbing Pierce "The Truth"). King James fits, since he's the most glorified player in the league, and it seems he's...
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    chris paul needs to get laid out.

    I'm mad. But if you're winning you can talk. CP's definitely cut from the same cloth as Larry Bird, GP...
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    [::Official Spurs @ Hornets ROUND 2 GAME 1 Post - SATURDAY 10:30 ET::]

    West is monstrous. +@+, Paul - I thought you were better than "flopping."
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    [::Official Spurs @ Hornets ROUND 2 GAME 1 Post - SATURDAY 10:30 ET::]

    damn, Bruce Bowen is drinking their milkshake.
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    What's the most comfortable jordan you've ever had?

    I'm with him^. XIX SEs are like creampuffs.
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    Upcoming Nike - Zoom BB

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    ~ Andruw-Jeter-NFL Feet of Jordans, 2007! ~

    I'd assume Gerald Wallace is already on the Team. A while ago he was wearing general releases, but now he's been wearing all PE 9.5s.
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    Best Shoe out of these?

    If you don't need ankle support, get the Kobe 1. Lightweight, superb traction, loaded with nice features (Free-inspired forefoot, inner bootie, carbon fiber shank, Zoom Air) and it's super inexpensive right now.
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