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    So why exactly did Rashard Lewis agree to buy out?

    Back in the day, I always used the Sonics because they always have 2-3 players that were amazing from the arc. I was making it rain with McMillan/Hersey Hawkins before
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    I ask basketball fans, not just knick fans, would you match Rockets' offer for Lin?

    The Rockets are seriously screwing themselves up this off season. I can understand all the moves they're trying to do because they'll be a mediocre team if they don't do anything this off season, but they pretty much gutted the team out without any guarantees. It's like when the Nets cleared...
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    LA Fans Welcome Steve Nash...With Beer.............On The Freeway

    ...and just imagine getting D12 which I truly believe you guys are getting too. They givin him %%%!@ on the freeway? Time will tell life in Lakerland is good.
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    Delete mods

    well, spend the extra $ and go to a REAL fine dining restaurant. sounds like you took her to Applebees.
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    anyone on the facebook niketalk thing? that kid that scammed like 15 heads for 500 a pop

    ...I was gonna comment OldManWearingNikes aint young. he stole Denim Dunk money  
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    What sport can you pick up later in life and maybe go pro?

    I'm one of the two and trust me it takes quite a damn long time if you were to start @ 25 FROM SCRATCH We're talking about making it to the pros here, not a charity event. You just don't "pick up" either sport and make monumental gains right away. ...for sure
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    LeBron James - Nike Ring Commercial

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    So if Lebron wins tonight, what person in all of sports will be under the most pressure to win now?

    Tiger Woods. ...and the shortened season excuse is not valid. The back to back to back games if you're a superstar , whether you're Kobe or KD, takes a toll on your body. It's still a tough season for any star/superstars.
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    jus got my ride back

    gangsta gangsta.
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    Got scammed in a trade

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    My cousin wants to kill himself because he can't get laid (srs)

    Who cares if he busts a nut in 2 seconds?
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    My cousin wants to kill himself because he can't get laid (srs)

    I say just get the Spanish chic, go to his place, make him comfortable with the chic and leave em both. That's the only way to get this guy to step out of his shell. None of this "go to the restaurant, gym, etc" . Get him laid now.
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    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    I just finished part 2. Gotta be one of the best foreign films I've seen lately. It's based on a true story-character btw. Reason for that is because you have bad taste. There's tons of gems on the Foreign movies category. I admittedly haven't seen a lot of classic films from Hollywood so...
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