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    Air Jordan IV "Green Glow" Dark Grey/Green Glow/Cement Grey/Black FALL 2013

    welp, i feel like an idiot for waiting for the twitter link....still in line on ndc for size 10...been in line for almost 30 min...wondering when i should give up
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    Air Jordan IV "Green Glow" Dark Grey/Green Glow/Cement Grey/Black FALL 2013

    did someone above say twitter link isn't the fastest method no more!? i'm still "waiting for my turn" on ndc 
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    Nike Foamposite 'Army Camo' 6/8/13 $240

    Copped both the 11s & Foams.  Copped the 11s first, got a "we've received your order" email from nike.  Copped Foams a few minutes later, completed the order, but never got a "we've received your order" email.  Also, my paypal was charged for BOTH shoes.  You guys think I got the Foams or is...
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    ***New Reebok Pick-Ups, Release Info, etc.***

    Just copped a size 10 of the Dolphins Scrimmages on citysole, hurry and act!
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    saying March 30th for the Jamaicans on nicekicks.
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    Air Jordan XX8 aka 2013, new "Proplate Zoom" Technology OFFICIAL THREAD.

    If anyone was having trouble on Eastbay earlier, it finally worked for me just now.
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    NSW all star "area 72" Raygun Collection

    just paid $370 for the Barkleys...kill me now oh well, I really needed these... never again will I sleep through a release
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    NSW all star "area 72" Raygun Collection

    lol LITERALLY was only going to pick up the forces....clicked quick...saw the picture....& had a change of heart and didn't cop lol ....back to bed
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    Seems like a lot of people are sleepin on the Year of the Snakes.  Wore mine for the first time last night, no regrets!
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    Nike Foamposite 'White Camo'

    Sounds like I'm the only one who's had a hard time getting these for retail.  I didn't wake up in time for online & had to work all day.  Tried calling EVERYWHERE at 6pm when I got off, no size 10s anywhere. My fault, I poorly planned...but I'm shocked that a few of you are saying your malls...
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    Jordan 1 + Melo M9 “Year of the Snake” Pack $300, Uhm....

    Probably gonna wait around ebay for the 1's to get seperated from the Melos...unfortunately
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    Air Jordan 1 High "OG" Celtics - April 6th 2013 Vol. Updates Always on Page 1

    Personally I like the colorway.  However it's hard for me to purchase 1's these days...& no I will NOT be buying if these are indeed Lebron's HS influenced.  I'll be waiting for some clarification on that. ...but Celtics!? 
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    i thought the pimentos & the summits were gonna look WAY different... Pimentos: http://*************.com/media/u/250_227166509.jpg Summits: http://*************.com/media/u/250_851440773.jpg sole collector didn't really have the correct color ways i guess?
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    Nike air max 2 strong out now..... $150...

    has anyone been able to find these at a discount anywhere?  All I've seen is sold out, so i'm worried 
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