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    Yea air legends is legit as it gets. Tragik is part of the air legends team now. Spookztah is dope too. Air legends only produces quality.
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    Tragik is from union city. He might have openings for restorations right now so I would def hop on that asap. I think he might work out his home from the looks of his pics online. Could be wrong tho. Sole restorer is the in house restoration service from sole supremacy and as far as I know they...
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    Please stop using the term "Bred."

    This has been brought up many many many times in the past. It hasn't changed then, it won't change now. Like an earlier post mentioned, its too far gone to change it now. I say just keep it moving and call them what you want, cuz everyone "should" know what you mean. We don't need to get on the...
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    I need anyones help!!!

    Thats exactly what I wanted to say too. My 00 metallic v's have a soft midsole compared to my firm 07s. That's a big give away on how wearable they are too.
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    I need anyones help!!!

    Air bubbles aren't supposed to pop unless they're done on purpose or due to a manufacturing error. Which Nike used to warrant. Not sure on their policy these days. And about defogging the air bubble..that's only temporary. The reason they fog up is cuz of little holes that get created over time...
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    Quick question about shoe box tissue & silica packs.

    The papers dye/ink can dye onto shoes over time. Correct me if I'm wrong, I cant remember anymore. Too many silica packs can dry out your shoes causing then to crumble over time. The method I learned is simple. Wear them and store them in a cool climate controlled dark area (like your closet). I...
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    I heard the DMP VII's had cardboard inside too. I sold mine before I had the chance to check tho.
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    Is legit???

    You got that PM too, huh?
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    They don't use the same molds as they did before. So the shape will be different. OG and first retro 12s has a different mold than the 12s in recent years. The ones recently has that banana shape compared to a bulk shape of the OGs/first retro. I owned OG, retro and re-retro 12s and know the...
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    Turning 21 on FRIDAY!

    Since I'm late to this and your 2 hours into 21, what did you end up doing?
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    How do you guys find 2000/2001 retro's and OG's?

    Exactly. I really don't look anywhere else anymore besides the b/s forum here or my boy D at Sole Supremacy. I just stay patient with the inventory that he gets and when there's something I want/need, I holla. To sum up some of my purchases, I paid $950 for 99 black/red IVs, 99 white cement IVs...
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    Jordan 3 DTRT question please help!!

    Wait..where you asking for a color mix or where to get the paint? My fault if you were asking about the color combo. Can't help you there.
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    Jordan 3 DTRT question please help!!
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    Ever wondered what if

    That almost goes along the lines if he would of left Nike before Tinker showed him the Air Jordan 3 (correct me if I'm wrong. Can't remember). I'm pretty sure there would be something to take that place if he didn't exist. AF1s might still be popular, maybe. Haha
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    about to cop some Jordan 3s from 2001 and 03 got a quick question

    Defogged? If he un fogged it and it never fogged back up after then that's a good sign. I took a blow dryer to my 99 metallic v's and they unfogged and fogged right back up after 5 minutes. I wore them anyways and the midsole cracked after 1 hour of wear.
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