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    returning some shoes from to Finishline

    hey so it was all good. Finishline was really helpful with the transaction and didnt ask too many questions. -thanks NT fam, once again you fail to disappoint.
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    returning some shoes from to Finishline

    Sweet. thanks for the help everyone. Il take the risk of having the felony, and get the instore credit because i really liked those shoes ha
  3. domnator27

    returning some shoes from to Finishline

    Whats good NT fam?! haven't posted in a while but hopefully you can help with this: IF i buy some shoes from, can i get exchange those shoes at Finishline store (in person) for different shoes? (forget the price difference)  without receipt of course. like just for a straight...
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    Man That Killed a Judge and Politician That Molested His 4 Year Old Daughter Becomes A National Hero

    good people who were murdered get no sympathy here in the states
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    NikeTalk NBA Summer League Takeover [Videos on pages 9-11]

    hahahahahhaha im listenin to these white dudes shouting out methodman hahaha
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    Dam NT my girl just played me vol. Now shes my Ex.

    listen to November 18 by Drake...that song heals all. sorry to hear about that dman dirty skeezer...keep ya head up fam. oh and word of advice try to keep ya self busy to not think about her
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    Most Embarrassing Hook-ups Vol. dont be shy

    "I'm dumbfounded on what to do next, but your boy had one of those snicker moments and said "Oh no no no, you were just about tosave over my god-sister, click new contact." DENS415 had me rollin with this line
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    Health-Care bill drafted by Democrats & Obama to include $600 BILLION in TAX INCREASES...

    better spending money domestically than on a "developing nation"
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    let me be the first to say....Get the $!%+ outta here with that jerkn %+%%%!*@ ....and no one cares about "YA BOY" oh and stop typing in capitals...that +@%# is whack...
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    Being done with Finals Appreciation Vol. TGIF

    appreciated fam... but on the real ive been done with em bad boys for a while now
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    Define your city in one picture

    beautiful...just beautiful....
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    Real Talk: Who's your favorite adult movie actress

    haha i like your thinking fam...ima have to go with... Alexis texas? idk b it all depends on the mood haha
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