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    Vaping is killin’ em??

    Could’ve been some covert play by Big Tobacco lol Make some dummy pods or e-juice companies selling harmful juice to cause all the health issues popping up. Basically like a “hot shot” sort of like how certain groups might send out some super pure uncut product to mess with a competing groups...
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    Latino/hispanic discussion thread Vol Saludos.

    Dominican mangu a good dish?
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    NT: Staying Positive Thread Vol. Good Vibes

    Reading any books?
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    MAYANS MC | FX Originals | Season II [ ❙❙ ]

    Mayans vs SOA war about to kick off by the end of the season?
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    POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

    Sort of taking a Boardwalk Empire direction with how the illegal activities starting to mix in with government politics.
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    SNOWFALL S3 Premiere Tonight 7/10

    Dope episode imo. Like how the gang war is subtly brought in as just something within the whole crack business arc. Anyone else see a distinct similarity between Manboy and Shaun Livingston? Dream was coo with how it mixed what may or may not have (never was revealed) happened with Franklin...
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    Post your Barber Clippers/Liners: Barber Tools Discussion/Questions

    Wahl Five Star Seniors Cordless
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    GRRMartin is old. *Sigh Show is ruined. Not sure if that petition for a remake will go anywhere. But it’s those last two novels that will be the last hope for the story. To the writers of this season and HBO.
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    The last two books will probably explain more things and go further than this stupid HBO season. But I’ll call it now and someone record it. ****Think Drogon took Dany’s body back to Essos so another Red God priestess can resurrect her. Like how Melisandre did for Jon Snow****
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    RIP Nipsey Hussle

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    RIP Nipsey Hussle

    NT please don’t make this into some conspiracy thread, discussion about Gang culture or anyone’s bs, related. Try and keep the vibes up post more verses and interviews, show members who don’t know about Nipsey, why he was one of the greats, one of the realest who made it the furthest, more...
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    What is NT reading?

    Interested in what NTers are currently reading; novels, comics, etc.
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    Ray Donovan; new series on showtime

    Priest is going to use what Bunchy told him. Feel like dude might even be an undercover for the church or something :{
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    @ConcreteBouquet if you need a Tokyo plug/personal shopper @JG_4444 personal one
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    Old washed Supreme Thread vol. LOCK IT UP!!!

    If anyone needs a Tokyo plug DM me. Do proxy/personal shopper out here.
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