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    Upcoming Artist!

    Im Salvadorian.. why?
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    Upcoming Artist!

    thanks again
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    Kim Kardashian gets a predator missile dropped on her...

    white girl that ricky lake, that boy cant feel his face #WENTTHEHARDEST
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    Sup my hats too small

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    the thread about nothing...

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    Sup my hats too small

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    Upcoming Artist!

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    Post your Twitter Vol. 2012

    @Drameezy follow back
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    Upcoming Artist!

    Thanks guys! If you would please check out my page on facebook.
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    Custom Nike SB "9" Dunks
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    Sneaker Designs: NikeHuarache (Update:5/13/12)
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    Upcoming Artist!

    It says "Love Life"
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    Sneaker Designs: NikeHuarache (Update:5/13/12)

    check me out on
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    Upcoming Artist!

    I'm a young Artist barely making my moves this year in 2012. If you guys would check me out & maybe support me it would help me out a lot. I been an artist my whole life. Used to be a graffiti artist back in high-school, used to bust murals but ended up getting caught so i had to stop. started...
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