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    Air Foamposite One PRM Safari HO'13

    My girl copped these for me on Black Friday . Look good in person , but for $272.49 not worth it .
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    cam'ron - Go outside
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    What is the ugliest Jordan of all time? Post a pic

    Idk why they made these shoes and I have them lol smh
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    The "DAMN I remember them!!!" Vintage Nike Thread!!!

    Nike Air Force 1s and nike legend
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    NIKE Barkley Posite max

    I swear I fell in love with these shoes I didn't care about the price until a week later lol. Most expensive shoes I ever bought and I thought the Jordan 11s was alot lol .
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    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    Half of the angels burrito from Cali tacos. Burritos is like size of a footlong
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    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    Cali Tacos Best burritos and tacos in Orange County.
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    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

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    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    Gen Kbbq
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    Is Universal Studios worth the price of admission?

    I rather you go to knotts better rides and cheaper than US . US close early Too . I have a year pass only been there like 2 times. Disneyland is like 2 miles away from knotts too.
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    Air Jordan V 5 Retro Fire Red "Black Tongue" 8/31

    Look at the in soles I haven't even tried them on yet
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    What was the Jordan that first started your Jordan obsessions?

    Indigo xiv or black toe xiv
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    Rats chewed up my Jordan xi

    No exterminator came . Manager brought rat hotel thing . Really not trippin over them at the end of the day they just shoes and they didnt chew these up
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