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    [1-900-Hustler]First things first....

    Nobody to this day has put more syllables in the word "hustler" than Free.
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    Eminem - Infinite

    I remember when i used to dl all my mixtapes off NT. ah the good old days. seriously though, not sure why you posted this.
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    2009 NBA Dunk Contest Participants Announced (Gay, Nate, Dwight)

    Too bad you can't write in... This system is lame. Let em all in
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    Gunnin for that #1 Spot (In Theatres Now)

    Don't forget this is one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen. Garbage in every aspect. Unless you really love EBC ball. They showed the film at theUniversity of Arizona... Here's my review.
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    The Brandon Jennings Thread (Will Be Updated Regularly)

    Here's a new Brandon Jennings Q&A with his new SLAM pics:
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    Talib Kweli Live...How is he?

    Don't know what you guys are talking about... I've seen Kweli four times and each time he sucked. I swear he doesn't know how to hold the mic, heshoves it against his mouth so it's never clear. Plus it's hard to rock a crowd with conscious rap. I love listening to Kweli's cds, but his showssuck...
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    Jerryd Bayless declares for NBA Draft *Paging Dfresh*

    As a Wildcat I feel horrible Bayless even had to play for UA. Shoulda gone to UCLA or Texas. Kid did all the could for UA.. Thanks for the effort Jerry D.
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    McDonalds AA Game 9:30 ESPN

    Check Brandon Jennings' new tattoo image stolen from here
  9. elkgrove44

    Post Your BloG!!! vol. trade affiliates!!

    If you like Arizona sports or college recruiting, check GOAZCATSBLOG.COM
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    Intramural BBall team names??

    I stole our team name from NT a year ago. Thanks to whoever dropped Off Constantly, been using that for a while now.
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    N.E.R.D - Am I High appreciation

    a good song, but Bobby James is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time
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    Brandon Jennings National Player of the Year (We all saw it coming)

    peep the blog
  13. elkgrove44

    NeYo Arrested... Check the Mugshot :lol

    first i was laughing at his hairline, then i noticed his blazed outeyes. Come on now Visine only costs a couple of bucks
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