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    TYCO RC Appreciation thread vol: remeber the times

    Rebound 4x4. Mine was the same color as yours.
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    Things you think a man should know how to do vol. though

    I knew some *!%*% would say it.
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    Copper Air Foamposite One (Merged)

    Don't use the ignore button. Now use the ignore button.
  4. flightposite

    NT Fam Im popping the Question VOL. AND 1 (PICS)

    Do it on the 13th, instead.
  5. flightposite

    What are you East Coast NTers going to do about the FOOT of snow dropping tomorrow?

    Man, I'm good on snow until at least 2020. It don't make no sense. This stuff is gonna be sitting until March.
  6. flightposite

    Another Blizzard Coming ARRRRH!

    My power just came back on and I can make it out the driveway. I'm not sure about making it out the neighborhood, though....
  7. flightposite

    Royal & Green Spark 1/2 cent soleswap...

    Exactly what came to mind.
  8. flightposite

    Another Blizzard Coming ARRRRH!

    You're in high school, aren't you?
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