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    would you date a woman with a child?
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    Pic Request: Two dudes who have starched up saggy jeans with creases on em.

    always thought dude on the right was Girl thats Jules
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    the thread about nothing...

    Okay, just curious. FAMBS is pronounced fams just with a silent b? like lamb
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    detox hair shampoo. Does it work?

    yeah, those tests are pretty expensive
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    Just Another Day In NYC.................

    most likely an NT'er
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    ^already posted on pg. 120 or 121
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    ^already posted on pg. 120 or 121
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    What Does NT Like?

    My sister.
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    Project X Movie March 2nd

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    ♔ ~~~~| Celebrites Rockin Heat (fly gear/Fly kicks) VOL. 3 | ~~~~ ♔

    I think I remember Wale posting in the music forum a while back & it got me thinkin' . . . I wonder if Wale secretly looks thru this thread....
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    Billionaire Boys Club

    I don't get it
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