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    Real or fake jordan 13

    I picked these up on ebay the jump man and hologram just don't look right to me please let me know what y'all think
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    Retro 13 he got game

    Alright I picked these up off ebay first of all the pics I saw weren't all that great and the pricei won the auction for wY $81 plus $14.95 very iffy about them I spot flaws but you guys please help me out and let me know what y'all thinkimage.jpg (714k. jpg file)
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    Need Help are these real or fake?

    thanks I appreciate it, and I'll be changing the title and price
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    Need Help are these real or fake?

    I recently came across this pair for cheap had second thoughts about the pair. so i posted an add on eBay need help let me know what you think?real or fake?
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