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    ❌‼️ This Thread is now CLOSED. NEW THREAD link on last page, been a great Year ❌‼️

    Wow Griezmann refuses to do anything with his right foot. He lets the ball get all the way across his body every time. I would think this would make it more difficult then just slotting it home with his right foot past the keeper. But from the little of him that I've watched this is nothing new...
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    My NT Ballers, Given 10 Tries, Could You Score on Andre Iguodala 1 on 1?

    Hmmm do i get to take 3-4 steps after picking up my dribble and also perhaps switch my pivot foot like an NBA player? If he fouls me does that not count against 1 of my 10 tries? I wouldn't be confident I could score but maybe. :rollin
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    MTailor Custom Shirts

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    ⛔️ {Thread is NOW CLOSED. New Football Thread, Link on Last Page.}⛔️

    :x at that 3rd Manchester United kit, those shorts for both Juve and United look awful. Perhaps they'll look better when guys are wearing them. They look like something New Balance/Warrior would come up with for Liverpool in my opinion. When does the official switch happen for these teams, I...
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    Is Wardell Steph Curry II the GOAT shooter of all time ??

    Reminds me of KD from a couple seasons ago, he was doing the off balance, pull up anywhere, off screens, off the dribble, where he was unstoppable. Had me saying WOW everytime I watched the Thunder play. Curry is the same way, like DAMN :x :{
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    Official NT Cologne Thread: Current Splits *check most current page* HTTP is an online exclusive by

    This Ultra Zest is heavenly. Appreciate it UNIQUEKICKZ. To me it smells like fresh clean linen dipped in raspberry. Whatever it is, i like it alot.
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    Official NT Cologne Thread: Current Splits *check most current page* HTTP is an online exclusive by

    Good looking out on the Pure Malt UNIQUEKICKZ, it smells freaking great! Probably my second favorite scent behind Aventus at this point!
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    2015 College Football Thread is now closed

    That delay of game call was quick as heck!!! FSU playing good so far, the play calling inside the 5 on the drive where FSU turned the ball over on downs was a little suspect though. Dalvin Cook is a beast though. He's gonna rip off a long touchdown before the end of this game though.
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    Shout out to my Secret Santa, ElijahDukes! Came through with the clean Toronto on field fitted and and a Toronto FC tshirt. Much appreciated man, it was tough waiting for Christmas but made it that much better. Their are definitely some good dudes on this message board. PS Bryscooplaygrifhold...
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    Sorry man definitely got your package a few days ago, but I flipped a coin and it landed on the don't open until Christmas side so I don't know what it is yet. But I appreciate ya shipping all the way from Canada and can't wait to see what it is!!! To my elf, hopefully you received one of your...
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    What kind of hard cider do you drink?

    i was watching football games a couple weeks ago at buffalo wild wings, and my boy was drinking Redd's apple ale and i was telling him i tried it and it was awful, but from the tap it was way better than out the bottle. Johhny Appleseed and Angry Orchard are my go to ciders if I'm going...
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    Any Golfers on NT?

    Anyone remember how right before the British Open, the narrative was what's wrong with Rory on Fridays cause he would shoot a solid score on Thursday and then in the 2nd round he would struggle? Haha. And also for all the people that said he was a fool for going and being a Nike guy:{. Random...
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