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    A Tribute to Black Characters Who Died in Movies

    no jazz from transformers?
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    NEW WOLVERINE Movie: anyone seen preview?

    wolverine's bone claws and animal-like senses are part of his mutation too. yes he started out with bone claws
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    Generic New Years Eve Txt From Ppl You Dont Talk To Unappreciation

    why so serious? its just a festive greeting
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    Knight Rider 2.0: Trans Am vs. Ford Mustang

    seems like a chemistry lab on wheels with all the stuff it has
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    Does Jazz wear the same thing every day?vol:bum status

    haha they used stock footage for every time he got thrown out *front shot of house* *sprinklers in background* *AHHHHHHHHHHH!*
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    Official Premier League 07-08 Post

    an even better performance by the gunners . good comeback to stick it to the critics
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    How much informationg can the Brain hold in gigabytes?

    well that depends..memories are stored chemically as proteins or what not (not sure, never studied bio) and that means there has to be a physical limit
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    Super Hero Beatdown

    did that guy just say "i have a death note" ? LOL
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    Zune: Post everything here

    as an ipod fan i'd say no. but for that price i'd say yes
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    Friend zone? Has anyone overcame this?

    i beat the friend zone, anyone can do it with enough perseverance. wasn't worth it in the end though so like that guy said, move on
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    Turducken Appreciation

    it looks like the turkey was cooked without getting gutted first
  12. hockamania

    POST the shoes that u most often wear at home!

    no shoes for me too
  13. hockamania

    Official Premier League 07-08 Post

    can anyone post up the team arsenal sig?
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