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    Why do you believe that there is a god?

    i just do, and i refuse to let religion turn me away from my belief.
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    Why did you and your ex break up?

    trust issues among many many other things.  funny how the person who cheats has no trust for the other 
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    NT, have you seen this dudes videos? LOL

    yeah he's a damn fool
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    Delete thread

    nothing, i'm perfect   keep this !#@@ alive
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    Camera traffic tickets

    all these cali ticket %$*$$. i guess cali isn't paradise
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    Whoever said marijuana is not addictive is a lie!

    really??  is it that simple?  what am i doing where i am?  
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    Is "Distant Relatives" Better Than "WTT?"

    they don't really compare. one is meaningful, the other isn't.
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    Pics from my trip to San Francisco. Sick place to visit, put it on your list. Warning large pics

    nice city. it seems bart police are something else though i thought i was the only one who thought it was the nyc of the west coast
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    Quick Question NT Bartenders & Barbacks

    might be better off with this thread:
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    copyrighting help...

    i don't know, but i would start with the us copyright office:
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    *+!# is awkward no matter the gender.
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    -black people being patriotic is weird to me -waiting on reparations -the world wouldn't be so bad if most people were homosexuals. fewer accidents, more parents per wanted child
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    What's your biggest pet peeve about people

    when i have to search high and low for certain things that grow out of the earf. that's when i start to have many pet peeves
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    Do brand names mean a lot to you?

    it used to mean a name i could trust, but i don't trust none of these !%$*++#... they're losing their importance in my eyes.  a lot of these companies get their **** made in the same places by the same exact people and they're all trying to make as much money as possible.  & logos often come...
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