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    guise, I think I'm in love (again)... (re-upped)

    What part? I hope it's not in Uphams Corner... NT Boston Summit
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    Louis Vuitton for men

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    guise, I think I'm in love (again)... (re-upped)

    What is this Project V... Some kid blows up my newsfeed with this project V #%*%
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    dealing with a woman whos addicted to pain killers ..... wont end well i know

    Too bad Billy Mays isn't alive. Pills are no joke
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    Anderson Cooper Comes Out: 'The Fact Is, I'm Gay'

    he is a good looking dude, he is up there with Brad Pitt and dem.
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    Louis Vuitton for men

    Why not get a suit or a tie... why a backpack? A suit shows your have more class and it doesn't yell look at me i have money?
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    Darwin x Jesus collabo

    Can you imagine if all the Christians did this and they all died... Would it be a genocide?
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    guise, I think I'm in love (again)... (re-upped)

    Who is she? Dondo be my wingman.
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    going to college...sharing a room with a girl? o_O UPDATES and pics pg 3...

    BUNK BEDS!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't do it since if she is an AWG she probably ins't in a relationship and any guy that shows her love in the club will be coming back to her place since she is looking for somebody to love.
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    Yo NT, a brotha out vol. smashed a skeezer and need to do something about my mattress

    That awkward moment when you are sleeping and you can still smell her... might as well move out bro.
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    Secrets About Your Job...

    As a freelance graphic designer i name a price a little higher then expected and if you say yes then but if you negotiate then i lower it to a respectable price.
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    Question about MASS for those that don't care for it...

    WHOSE GRAVEDIGGING.... I thought BOTTOM74BOTTOM and AntonLaVey were back. Got my hopes up and $*@%
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    Let Rice Cook Vol. Controversial Swimsuit?

    i thought this was about how to cook rice
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    How To Get Fired As A TV Weatherman....Vol. YOLO

    it has to be like a training video.... like hey lets warm you up to saying dumb %*@$ on tv type thing. No way thats real
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    Your NOW ex-girlfriend Vol. She Wants your Best Friend

    Bro man thats nothing... Keep it moving and dead her. My ex dumped me on our one year as i had a tiffany necklace just chilling waiting for her. We all simp but keep it moving.
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