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    FLOPSHOT of the week

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    FLOPSHOT of the week

    i participate in the fs of the week. its actually sick. so don't bag on my bro just cause hes a newcomer to nt
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    LOL..these dudes are BLOWN

    soooo high!!!
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    Lamebook.COM - Funniest Site on the Internet

    i just came across this...
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    NT what are your main Pet Peeves?!

    when people say "i SEEN that" no bro, you saw that!
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    What do you want to do before you die?

    make my father proud.
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    this was about me. lmao. i had one hell of a hangover but i am fine. thanks bro for looking out and making a NT thread! lol thank god you didnt post pics. lol
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    HOLIDAY 2010 Releases...(378037-001)...(395709-001)...

    flints are not that old, it most likely wont be these.
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    here are some pics, the bottom pic is the comparison, after only one SG sesh.
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    Working on a new project, check out the progress...

    I just moved and yeah... i moved 6 months ago, this is so on point.
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    Say word Chris Breezy's smashing Rhea now?

    dodgers center fileder, SAV
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    Motorola Droid Verizon Wireless

    thanks for answering... but like on my front page when the phone is closed, the backround gets stretched into 3 pieces, any way to keep it in one piece? same thing when the keyboard is out, but less effect. thanks
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    Motorola Droid Verizon Wireless

    yea, i hate how my backround doesnt fit the actual space for a backround. if that makes sense.
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