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    iPhone 5/new IOs heads: the new google maps app has finally arrived.

    my bad. havent been on NT for months. too lazy to grave dig. i'm pretty sure it does work on the 4s.
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    iPhone 5/new IOs heads: the new google maps app has finally arrived. GO GO GO.
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    Shia LaBeouf hasn't given a **** since Even Stevens

    i swear kanye sampled this for Dark Fantasy.
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    NT...what's the dumbest thing you've heard someone say?

    heard this chick call louboutin, la-bow-tin.
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    THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Official Thread - 6/28 - TV Spot 10 on Last Page (More Selina Kyle)

    how about mayor carcetti and bunny colvin from the wire?
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    :( my girl donna.....
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    End of an Era...Niketalk is finished

    join date check. edit* date's 5 years too late.
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    LA Fans Welcome Steve Nash...With Beer.............On The Freeway

    lmaooo stevie did not put that filth in his system.
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    HBO's "GIRLS" Vol. "That Was Way Harsh, Tai"...

    anyone peep the bill simmons podcast with lena dunham? it made me lol a few times.
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    Official Nike Air Yeezy 2 thread vol. 2 - 6/9/12 Global Release Date: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    my friend contacted ole boy and he responded with this: You got pic of girl sold the 2 already but I have the 1 ds blink 9 1/2 if you still want to do it Sent from my iPad
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    MTV Presents The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (Sept. 19, 2012 Episode 1 Page 14)

    no leroy, no watch. they need, NT's favorite, Greg from hollywood. dude was laughs.
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    Coachella 2012 : April 13-15, 20-22 in Indio, CA Streaming on Youtube THIS WEEKEND

    gonna be there this weekend. will be rocking Neon am 95s if i'm not wearing flip flops.
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    who is the dude behind the camera? how does melo know him? and acid, does jeremy really not know how to speak mandarin that well? seems like he refuses to speak any. there's no way some chinese immigrants are gonna have a son who doesnt speak any chinese.
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    Official Jeremy Lin Thread.

    stanford x harvard
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