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    Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

    Clerks is very appreciated. Great dialog and I still put it on every now and then. Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back were all good movies but things kind of took a downturn after the latter for Smith IMO. Clerks II wasn't terrible though and did have a few laughs...
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    Let's Turn This Post Into " Upcoming/Recommend A Scary Movie " Thread.

    I'll definitely check out 50 States of Fright. Don't have quibi but am sure I can find it elsewhere. I also recently watched first season of the Creepshow series and it was a good watch though some eps were kind of weak.
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    The MMA Thread: DON'T ASK 4 STREAMS & NO GIFS- Adesanya v Costa SAT 9/26 @5PM on PPV

    Finally watched the 253 bouts last night. I expected Costa to at least get some decent shots in and attempt to take Izzy down but he did next to nothing aside from those kicks he threw. Very one sided fight to say the least. I'd like to see Cannonier get the next shot provided he can get past...
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    2020 NFL Regular Season Thread | Week 3 | MNF on ESPN | Mahomes vs. Lamar Jackson | 8:15 pm Eastern

    Omg did Metcalf really think he was that open!!!??
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    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Definitely check out American Honey which was Sasha Lanes' first role. Movie does run long but it is a good flick overall imo and Shia is decent in it. I'm gonna fire up Utopia soon.
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    The RETRO Gaming Thread!

    Incredible haul! Any catch the Console Wars doc yet? Might try to find it online this weekend. Not trying to pay for another streaming service lol.
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    The MMA Thread: DON'T ASK 4 STREAMS & NO GIFS- Adesanya v Costa SAT 9/26 @5PM on PPV

    Don't jinx it, with all the talk Costa has done he's either gonna knock Izzy out in the first couple rounds or he gets tired (more likely imo) in the 3rd-4th and Izzy finishes him late. No way I see Costa just standing around waiting for an opening that never comes like Romero did. Plus Izzy's...
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    The MMA Thread: DON'T ASK 4 STREAMS & NO GIFS- Adesanya v Costa SAT 9/26 @5PM on PPV

    I know it has been discussed before but couldn't remember when, what are your guys' go to MMA podcasts? The DC and Helwani pod is beyond corny. Used to listen to Ariel's show a good amount before he made the jump to ESPN where it's become very watered down.
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    ***Official 2020 Fantasy Football Thread***

    Chark appears to be a game time decision tonight. With such a favorable matchup I'm keeping my fingers crossed he's good to go.
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    Are the Adidas masks really that good for the gym/training? I see they are still sold out on their website
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    ***Official 2020 Fantasy Football Thread***

    Any fellow Brees owners getting worried yet? With Michael Thomas' status also in question next week I'm thinking of picking up another QB. Tannehill worth taking a flyer on or was yesterday a fluke?
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    Man tough to hear the Irvin news, was really hoping he could make an impact again this season. Also saw Pete got fined 100k along with a couple others. The league caking off this mask policy. All jokes aside I get it but isn't everyone tested multiple times during the week?
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    Post some things from your childhood VOL....MEMORIES

    My parents must have ordered me every single Goosebumps book out of that Scholastic Arrow.
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    The MMA Thread: DON'T ASK 4 STREAMS & NO GIFS- Adesanya v Costa SAT 9/26 @5PM on PPV

    I'd like to see the Colby-Edwards fight but doubtful it happens. Colby most likely either fights Masvidal or holds out for a shot. I think he needs one more fight though and shouldn't be given an immediate shot.
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