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    Adidas NMD thread

    Got thru. Quickly Apple Pay. Email confirmed. This was about 30 min ago.
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    2009 official Pac-10 football post

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    2009 NCAA Football Rankings - Week 2 (Sept. 6)

    V V V V V V V V V V V V V V
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    Official MMA Thread-UFC on FOX 3, 5/5/12 - Anyone asking for stream links = banned.

    Forrest just got up and ran out of the ring. LMAO!!!
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    D!ck Vitale's Preseason Top 40

    Maryland>Cal and we didnt make the top 40? whats Dickie V smoking? Your football teams getting it in a couple weeks also.Hopefully the Maryland fans stay up for that $#* whooping.
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    2009 official Pac-10 football post

    Check sig. This could be the year.
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    Friday July 10 COX Pavilion 1 PM - Houston vs. Golden State Saturday July 11th COX Pavilion 5 PM - Golden State vs. Sacramento Monday July 13th COX Pavilion 7 PM - Detroit vs. Golden State Tuesday July 14th COX Pavilion 5 PM - Golden State vs. Chicago Thursday July 16th COX Pavilion 5 PM -...
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    [[ Anyone else get the Google Voice e-mail yet ??? ]]

    Yeah, signed up for it awhile ago. Still nothing.
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    Anybody been to Regal Cinemas Hacienda Crossings 20 & IMAX

    If your talking about buying from Fandango and then picking them up from a kiosk? Yes There are like 6 of them. Now can you just purchase regular movie tickets? Not sure.
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    Real Talk. Who's Brave Enough To Go Through This?

    Saving Private Ryan. And no.
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    LCD mount question....monoprice on backorder...

    I dont know about you, but i waited till they finally restocked. I bought one for my 50' Samsung and had no problems. I receieved the email when they got more in and purchased it before they sold out again. I will never buy one from anybody else. Monoprice hands down the best price and quality.
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    ESPN RISE counts down the top 50 high school basketball players of all time.

    Most of peoples responses are going to be regional to there location. For me it was Jason Kidd at St. Joes Alameda and Schea Cotton at Mater Dei. Seen both play, and i have never seen two people be soo dominate. I remember Kidd getting a fast break and the whole crowd at the Oakland Colliseum...
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    Official MMA Thread-UFC on FOX 3, 5/5/12 - Anyone asking for stream links = banned.

    Garbage, not Silva's fault. Leites didnt want to go.
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