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    Cavs fire Mike Brown

    smh @ getting fired before starbucks opened.
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    Oden might demand an extension this summer...

    that would be a shame if the blazers gave it to him too 
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    Preseason Player/Team predictions vol. NFL

    Only 2 receivers will go 50+ on Nnamdi LaRon Landry: 5+ INT and will take one to the house A ******* receiver will finally go 1000+ Smitty will call out Delhomme by Week 8 Texans will make wild-card on the last game of the regular season Gus Johnson will be on IR w/ all the last-minute plays...
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    NBA Off-Season News Thread: Roy extends 80/5, AI to Grizz, Chandler/Okafor swap, Marquis to C's.

    I still don't understand the difference that will be in both Battier/Ariza's game...At least Artest could put up 20+ i still don't getwhat Ariza will bring to the Rockets...
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    2009-10...Phil Jackson might coach only HOME games....what do you think about that?

    j.sloan needs to consider this as well...cuz the jazz cannot win a dam road
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    NBA Off-Season News Thread: Roy extends 80/5, AI to Grizz, Chandler/Okafor swap, Marquis to C's.

    im sorry that this is irrelevant, but can someone explain Tay's struggling production towards the end of the season/playoffs? Is it just that he's nota go-to-guy and just needs excellent supporting players around him. There were many plays in that Cleveland series where he would go nowhere on...
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    i mean i would have knew it was comin after their series with the i know it even feels worse on the west coast trips...
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    Your NFL playoff and Super Bowl predictions.

    AFC: 1. Steelers 2. Titans (Texans loss/DE's out lose their spot) 3. Jets 4. Broncos 5. Colts 6. Ravens NFC: 1. Giants 2. Panthers 3. Minny 4. Cards 5.Falcons 6. Cowboys 1st Round: Ravens over Jets Colts over Broncos Cards over Falcons Cowboys over Vikes 2nd: Colts over Titans Ravens over...
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    NFL Pro Bowl rosters announced. (Vol. DoubleJs been slacking on his grind...)

    Warner is already exploring several slants and screens for Nnamdi and
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    This Sunday we will find out how REALLY good Asomugha actually is...

    and its sad that u can still hate on the guy sooooooooo hard. Do u realize the raiders offense forces Asomugha back on the field time and time again. Soimagine how many passes would really be thrown to him given a good O.... But back to the match-up...I dont expect Moss to have a big game...and...
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    NFL Week 12 In Review....

    Calvin Johnson will have a TD in every game left I dont understand how Tampa gets blown out early vs. the horrible teams and next thing u know u come from lunch and their lighting up the scoreboard KANSAS CITY!!!!! Whoaaaaa-ho....54 points to BUFFALO? Big win for the Skins to keep pace in wild...
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    How good is Nnamdi Asomugha?

    but one thing you have to think about is that the east side barely gets a chance to look at nnamdi... I remember i started getting wit nnamdi 2 years ago andthat game the raiders beat pittsburgh in he's been playing outstanding.
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    How good is Nnamdi Asomugha?

    the guy is da TRUTH!!! and with the Saints game...its mostly a 4 wide/5-wide set 4 brees and hes throwing over 40 times a nnamdi has most definetelybeen holding his. It's going to be interesting to see the pro bowl cb selections. I hope the fans vote nnamdi for his for quality over...
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    NFL Week 10 In Review...

    ANDREW WALTERS? ANDREW WALTERS? THE TULIP GUY? Nnamdi....WOW...I'm extra proud to be a Nigerian football fan right now Big respects to the young QB's gettin it done...Ryan, Thigpen, Flacco, Quinn Ngata, Lewis, and Suggs should definitely start looking through Expedia for their Hawaii visits...
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    Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears--10/19, 1PM ET

    This game will be won by a field goal!!!
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