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    Jordan 13 2013

    Photoshopped. All the shoes in the background were released before the Altitudes. Either way the cw sounds ok
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    2012 Jordan USA Retro Authentic Jersey released

    Outlet bound for $59.99
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    Post Your Childhood Crushes Vol. Nostalgic Talk

    No love for Zaria?
  4. jimmy blanco1983

    My boy is marrying a jumpoff....that i passed to him, and.....swapping, salad tossing+ period sex?

    How you pass her off, but not tell your boy you smashed?
  5. jimmy blanco1983

    Stores that used to sell retros

    I remember nordstroms and d i c k s here in dallas used to sell the gr Jordans up to the cherry xii's. I miss those days. Easy cop on release days and some would sit for a few weeks after.
  6. jimmy blanco1983


    Whats the best paint to restore the pods on Jordan XIII's?
  7. jimmy blanco1983

    Alaska Niketalkers CHECK IN!!! WE NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

    Excuse my ignorance, but when do yall wear yall shoes with all that snow on the ground?
  8. jimmy blanco1983

    Nike Air Max 360 Swingman

  9. jimmy blanco1983


    Me too. These are almost as bad as the Carmelo M3's. My toes were killing me after two games. Love the look of the shoes, but I am going back to Kobes for ball
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