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    Post pics of HIGH-END DESIGNER SHOES...(pics)

    just snagged my Arenas in a sz 44 on FREE shipping. CHECK IT OUT I still need those Pavot Red Balenciaga Arenas in a 44 so holler at me if anyone has them....
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    When will Nike retro the Air Max '98?

    I have original tuned air max 98s... but I would KILL for the top pair pictured. I had the navy and maize.
  3. jmkickz

    Please retro the Nike Air Adjust

    if you want to preach for Nike to retro a shoe thats at leat 15 years old.... you gotta post some pics for the newbie youngns who have no clue what they are. I remember "reading" Eastbay back in the day on the bus looking at all the different straps these shoes could come with.... even USA for...
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    When will Nike retro the Air Max '98?

    I search for these shoes basically on a daily basis... id KILL to have the retro.... that colorway, the purple and silver, the navy and maize.... ooooweeee
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    THE OFFICIAL LEBRON VIII THREAD Updated V3 release 4/16/2011

    got my pair early but was only able to cop a sz 8 and I need a 13 hahaha. Miami is going bananas over these. The HOH was insane, so I didnt even bother. People have been out there since 5pm yesterday and Bron was supposed to come around 5pm today. Took off waayyyy before though. Found a spot in...
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    Tuned air?

    I JUST bought a pair of the OG classic HYPERBLUEs on eBay last night.... CANT FLIPPIN WAIT.... Ill post pics once they come in
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    OFFICIAL 2020 - 2021 AIR MAX 95 THREAD

    love reading this post and seeing all the newbs getting geeked over neons that are sooo far from the original. Ill stick to my 03 retros with HOAs on ice. Itsa shame that Nike has made the neons the new white on white force
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    Finally a sick pair of AF1 Bespokes (via Hypebeast)

    i think they are clean as hell.... simplicity is key. ITs the price thats so damn hard to swallow
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    eBAY auctions won...don't post live links

    retros are WACK SAUCE... and the shoe isnt even a true retro. These VI are referred to as the Infrared VIs..... but a few weeks from now youll be buying sportred VIs.....a completely different shoe. How bout them apples?
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    CORGI SHOE's stash (world's largest private collection) for sale piece by piece

    corgi... long time no speak.... wishing you a Happy New Year. and as always.... Go Gators!
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    TEAM AM FAM aka AIR MAX FAMILY THREAD (New Application Process)

    WOW... i havent been up in here in at least a year .... HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!! My new sz 13 pick up pics coming soon
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    MX Sole NOW AVAILABLE for Bespoke Designs @ 21 Mercer!!! (Ice-Galore Inside)

    I agree.... to make one and look at nicely taken photos of it is cool.... but to wear some of these is another thing in itself. Im just not sure I could dropthat cash for IDs, regardless of materials
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    Yes!!! NIKE SB HI" GUCCI" DUNKS confirmed for the 4th qt.{NO GUM SOLE}

    I was stoked for these years ago when first posted.... well before half the clowns in this thread were into sneaks haha. By far tho, the SBs > clarks. Ijust wish it still had better tumbled leather like the sample
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    Nike Air Maxim 1 Parra Limited Quickstrike*Available Online and stores*

    can anyone help me out and let me know if these Maxims are running BIG or SMALL? Im a true 12.5 and always have to chose a 12 or a 13 and i need some helpbefore I order. Thanks, all help appreciated.
  15. jmkickz

    MTV VMA's vol Best VMA EVER

    Katy Perry couldnt def get it with the quickness. She just looks tasty question.... what shades has Jay been rocking? They look like some regular RayBans Wayfarers. ANYONE with info???
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