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    R&B Thread About Nothing

    dvsn is two people. Daniel is the singer. Nineteen85 is the producer (also wrote Hotline Bling). He's always in the back doing the sounds) every time they're on tour:
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    Jai Paul - "Jai Paul" (4/13/13) (Official Statement released by Jai Paul)

    I came back to NT just to see the reactions :lol:
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    Anyone got a ZIP?! PM pls! (Wow, first time logging on NT in a while... lol) Edited: Got it.
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    Most Street Rappers of All Time

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    The Wealthiest Person In Every State...

    Bloomberg BEEN wealthy/among the wealthiest way before he became Mayor. Idk why y'all shaking your heads lol
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    Jay Z Reportedly Investigated by MLBPA for Giving Robinson Cano Expensive Watch

    "Crown" just reached a new level of relevance after this news lol. ****** always try to knock a ***** down Knock me to my knees about a million times
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    MED & Blu - The Buzz f. Mayer Hawthorne (prod. Madlib)

    Did Madlib actually give the ok on this one? edit: Just saw that Stones Throw is releasing a physical copy so it's legit indeed. :smokin
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    Are Timberland boots played out?

    Lol at comeback. It never left. Timbs aren't Puma Disc Blazes and ****. It's not cool one winter and lame the next. People wear it because they are genuinely good boots for the weather and they look good. Wheats are the all-around favorite but Black Nubucks imo are :hat
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    Phonte of "Little Brother" fame.

    I'm not for these lists but he's certainly one of the most creative and talented to come from the south. Don't really care about Top 5 but like homie said above he just makes some of the most relatable music. And I feel the same about Devin the Dude. Mad underrated but always putting in work.
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    Are Timberland boots played out?

    Never. Idk where y'all live but never in NY. Form+Function is untouchable.
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    Los Angeles. Featuring Kanye West, Ashley Olsen, Lindsey Lohan et al

    I thought it was a good video. But people's comments on social media about it are just downright hateful. Celebs are human too. This video is just showing that side of them and how a city has influenced them. I don't expect people who aren't connected with a particular urban area like that to...
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    How often has Jay Z been out done on a track?

    "What We Do" because Beans really had an emotional take on it. Same with "Somehow Someway." "Get By (Remix)" and Kanye EASILY had the best verse on that joint. And Amil destroyed Jay, Bleek, and Beans with half a bar in "You, Me, Him, and Her." Lol jk. And Cam definitely did not outdo Jay in...
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    Things about your fellow NTers that you've always wondered

    Same. He's doing pretty well for himself. A few guest spots on Sway's Universe too. NT has a lot of alums who rose up from this very board. Still remember Dom in WDYWT and posting his first video shot in Leimert Park. Illi with his first mixtape some 5 years ago. Plenty others. We gotta...
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    I joined a Fraternity VOL. Rep your Fraternity/Sorority

    Dudes who clown on fraternities/sororities are the lame ones. Speaking on things they know virtually nothing about. If you think it's all about parties or girls, you're missing the point. The "paying for friends" doesn't apply either. Maybe some orgs but certainly not the ones I know of. I...
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    Jewels got a boatload of talent. I feel he really needs that supporting cast though. Of course, everybody got their own formula but when you got solid backing from those around you, it just helps with the product more. Dom's vids got Leimert behind him and it produced an emotional response from...
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