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    Rookie Moves You Made As A Newbie

    buyin fake IVs then buyin fake Vs then buyin fake dubs...... worst mistakes of my life nvr buy from ebay again
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    Can Yall Post Some Pics Of MJ In The Black/Red/Purple 7s

    nice 8s just reminded me i need to save up for em lol
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    **Official Air Jordan 8 Retro LS Navy/Peapod post**

    ur not the only person pretty soon evry1 is gonna say dat cuz these kix r fiyah son!!
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    MY COLLECTION! im only 12 and i dont buy any of my shoes

    lol u scared i was like GODDAM this kids parents must @#%$ money to give him these kix! anyway happy 21 bday!!
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    King's County Air Force One's

    cool nice kix i would def cop
  6. jordanheadkid


    thx for the comments srry this my first time lol
  7. jordanheadkid


    ok well i saw some pictures of some high top atmos x nike dunks and i thought they were crazy! personally i dont like hi's so i made a low version give me ur opinions good or bad.. :smokin
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    Black Citrus 5's

    moneyball shutup obviously they gonna look like fakes fi they havent come out yet
  9. jordanheadkid

    Photoshop of Kings County Spiz'ikes

    idc wut evry1 thinx these shoes r Fiyahhhh!!!
  10. jordanheadkid

    jordan xxiii rendering

    they look bad but nice try i know i couldnt do a better job i wouldnt cop and remember ppl jordan brand is gonna start limiting release after 08 so make sure u get those packages!!!
  11. jordanheadkid

    Marvel Mask series 2 0f 3 (new pics)

    omg ther goblins are dope as hell i would cop :hat
  12. jordanheadkid

    *S02* some of my customs

    OMG i am gonna save 300 bux just to get some customs from this guy cuz...... HIS CUSTOMS ARE AWESOME!! :eek :eek :eek
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