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    Trophy Room Jordan 1 (Releasing 11/11/20)

    When making an account on the Trophy Room site, I checked out what else they sell. Some nikes, some Jordan’s, small amount of Bape and random high end brands. The only profit this store sees is probably from the Trophy Room Exclusives. They don’t even have that much in-house...
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    Trophy Room Jordan 1 (Releasing 11/11/20)

    Complained about the release to Nike support. Said that Trophy Room isn’t a Nike store, how they release the shoes is their business. Jordan’s son is free to do what he wants when the product is in. They did say my concerns would go to corporate, and they would discuss the issue with...
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    November 2020 Pickup Thread

    Picked up the Nike SB Paul Rodriguez, anybody have the Albertson’s logo sample?
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    Air Jordan 1 x UNION LA Thread

    Still in checkout queue, lol should I give up?
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    UA Curry 4

    Smiley face ring advancing, (from ua insta)
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    Bruh...Tyga....Hair Gains....Vol. Jamie Would Be Proud

    different dude now,
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    NIKE AIR MAG 2015

    ready for this L :hat Lorraine better deliver my shoes. :lol
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    NIKE AIR MAG 2015

    Yup the mail-in way seems pretty good since one mailed entry is equal to the average number of entries each person makes on the donation side. So if the average is 100... :lol.
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    NIKE AIR MAG 2015

    Bought one ticket, 9.5 but went chose the 11 :lol. You guys see the way to enter for free? ;).
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    Official 2016 NBA Playoffs Thread: Conference Finals: Warriors / Thunder | Cavs / Raptors

    Burning my Barnes jersey now, dude is a bum.
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    Official 2016 NBA Playoffs Thread: Conference Finals: Warriors / Thunder | Cavs / Raptors

    Thunder sweeping the warriors. Warriors looking weak.
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    Star Wars Universe Thread: The Book of Boba....and my Heart

    Is that dude with the mustache Biggs? If so :hat.
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    what happened today may lead to Kyrie balling out of his mind in the playoffs beating Kehlani's hometown team in the finals. :lol
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    These are like the new beanie babies for my mom. :lol. Got one for myself too. :hat Vacaville, CA target had maybe 8-9 this morning.
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    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Thread

    up close pic of the leather quality of my pair. Toe box is :hat
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