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    Nike Basketball (any brand) Rotation/Performance Reviews

    I was hooping in the KD 9-10’s... while comfortable, I could sometimes feel my foot rolling over the Zoom bags while making hard/Quick cuts. Harden Vol’ 1’s are probably the most underrated hooping shoe ever. They’re probably my favorite shoe to hoop in, ever. In my opinion they’re 10/10 in...
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    Identification Help
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    First shoe that came to mind were these Prada joints... but these came out in like 2012, not quite 15 years ago... lol
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    Pusha T

    Diddy and Hov were 31 around the year 2000, even with inflation their net worths aren’t touching Drakes net worth at the age of 31... now Drake doesn’t have a clothing venture as big as Sean John or Roc-a-Wear, but who knows what business ventures he’ll get into between now and the age of 48.
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    Pusha T

    Nah, Drake is definitely not Puff or Hov... but at the Age of 31 he’s definitely setting himself up to be on their level 10 years from now.
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    Pusha T

    NFL too, most of the good players who played in the NFL are probably eligible to make a HOF ballot by the age of 33
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    Pusha T

    As far as Age goes... Rappers age like Athletes... Sure, 33 isn’t “old” at all... but you’re considered “grandpa” status in a league such as the NBA. At 40+, with the amount of time Push’ has been in the rap game and the amount of knowledge he’s soaked in, You would think he should be on...
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    Nike to become official outfitter of the MLB

    It just means they can produce their own versions of jerseys, they’re usually cheaper than the official outfitters jerseys but share the same designs. Fantatics also does this with NBA jerseys.
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    Nike to become official outfitter of the MLB

    Not to stray way off topic, but Stances on court NBA socks are way better than those Nike Elite socks that Nike supplies the NBA with... and this isn’t a biased opinion, I’ve played in both.
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    Nike to become official outfitter of the MLB

    Poor Stance, this is the second time Nike has taken over a league and booted them out of the picture... first the NBA now the MLB lol
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    Those should have been the Vol: 2’s... all they had to do was cage in the forefoot boost and they would have been a perfect successor to the Vol: 1’s given the use of leather and what looks to be nubuck or suede...
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    What would yall say is the best nike basketball shoes of all time?

    I say Kobe 6’s for sure... I wore my del sols every hoop session until the midsole blew out on me. In hind sight, I wish I would have hoarded more colorways when the 6’s were readily available at retail stores ... Harden Vol:1’s are beasts on the court too, but they’re Adidas of course...
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    KD 11

    Way too much? You’re getting Flyknit and full length zoom... They’d be $180+ if this were a lebron sig and $200+ if Kobe’s name was attached to them... $150 is a bargain at retail given the market value of the same tech in other Sig basketball shoes.
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    KD 11

    The Lebron 15 is probably the hottest signature basketball shoe this year... from any brand.
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    The first thing I noticed about Nike’s stock photos of the SB’s is that they’re Lebrons actual PE’s with the outriggers... I knew immediately that we weren’t getting them lol... The stock photos of the Waffles have the general release outsoles... maybe Nike plans on releasing these...?
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