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    New Season Thread Made, Move on Over :)

    i agree with SHUGES and cmoweb, to an extent. kobe single-handedly lost us 2 games against the thunder. the only reason kobe and pau worked so long is because pau is passive. how many times have you seen kobe scowl/bark at pau for HIS mistake? i doubt that !%#$ flies with a lot of people. and...
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    Scammed by NTer Spot Rusherz

    basically. I'm not surprised at the dudes riding with spot rushers either. apparently all you gotta do is be loud on twitter and you get people to consign you
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    mayweather wants out of jail Vol. detrimental to health

    it somehow comes down to Manny fans. in that same sentiment, the Floyd sack riders are equally out in force.
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    the thread about nothing...

    I really wish I could troll people on Facebook. So many ******ed statuses on my feed
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    issues in the white community...

    curious, does white privilege exist only in the African American community? Or do other minorities acknowledge this as well? (serious question and excuse me if I sound ignorant) my friends sometimes joke about how easy white people have it (mexican, asian, middle eastern, African American)...
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    Official Spartacus: Vengence thread - Epic Season Finale

    on the wiki page they said the true history has onemaius crixus an Spartacus as generals. I guess since they wrote gannicus in they'll have him as a general Dope season
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    Official Spartacus: Vengence thread - Epic Season Finale

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    Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Bohemian Rhapsody

    that was so awesome.
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    Official Spartacus: Vengence thread - Epic Season Finale

    I think they have dude wearing the body armor all the time because they know he looks frail
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    Was I being rascist?

    this reminds me of the thread where a niketalker went into a shoe section of a sporting goods store and the worker told him straight up they didn't have any basketball shoes
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    what would you do? blatant money disrespecting

    that's why you never loan money to friends. I only spot friends on money I don't mind losing, like paying for their meal or a drink at a bar etc.
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    An oral history on the Malice at the Palace. Best article I've ever read on it.

    definetely one of those times where you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. Friday night. At my buddies house playing halo with 13 other friends oh the memories
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    ****Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose BROKE UP?!?!?!****

    after strong threads like the boozer black ice thread, we're starting to see these lame %*$ posts again.
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