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    Nike Air Trainer '88 Retro

    I re-watched one of my favorite movies from high school, Pump Up The Volume, and I think Christian Slater is wearing these. Can't find a pic, too lazy to try and make a screen shot, but perhaps someone can verify (if they want to).
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    Nike Air Flight 89: now on NIKEiD

    Finish Line marked down the Blue/White to 79.98, so maybe the Kanye bump didn't help in time.
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    Nike Air Flight 89: now on NIKEiD

    Kanye is in that picture?
  4. kc37

    Finally some new colorways of the Air Trainer Sc's :edit: DRAFT PACK PICS NOW INCLUDED

    I'm very interested in seeing what I get for the Pats; hopefully a shoe I want.
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    I'm interested to see how this will work before I pass judgement - hopefully it gets implemented before I actually want one of the pairs it's used on so I can observe the process. But to those of you that think this will *crash* Twitter...really? Twitter won't even blink.
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    New Niketown Launch Policy

    I know what it must seem like to those not from the area, but trust me, getting into NikeTown Boston is a tremendous pain in the rear end.  I'm about 15-20 minutes outside of Boston, but to actually get into NT, and park, and all that goes into it?  It's a total of near an hour of time (and much...
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    I just hit the Burlington, MA Rack this afternoon, and I didn't see any in any size, so they either already got cleaned out or never got them. I still want these, but now that I know they're out there under $60, it's hard for me to go get them online for the full retail.
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    Was there a white/black of these that might have been a lower cut?  I can't find any images of a pair I had in high school (and I forget the name), but they had this plastic side panel, but I thought the Flight on the tongue was the triangular F, unless I'm confusing it with something else.
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    2017 NIKE NFL Apparel, Footwear & Jerseys

    I hear you both - grabbed him for $3 in my auction at the end just to block another guy...I didn't even want him.
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    Official Air Jordan X black/stealth release thread: 3/24/12:::NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING:::

    I wanted to like these. I really did. Nope.
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    For those of us who ACTUALLY wear our sneakers...

    Honestly, my most worn shoes of all time are Adidas Campus suedes.  I've gone through about 6 pairs in my life.  Even with a couple dozen pairs of Jordans (I know, not nearly what most people have), the Campus are my all-time favorites; I always have a navy and a black pair at my disposal.
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    For those of us who ACTUALLY wear our sneakers...

    No real rotation for me, but there are pairs that I will be more likely to avoid if the weather is bad. I teach, and we're allowed to wear jeans/sneakers on Friday, so I try and go through the entire rotation before repeating - it's become something the kids come in and look forward to. Finally...
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    Official Air Jordan IV white/cement release thread 2/18/12:::NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING:::

    Production dates for mine (got via trade from a Champs in KY) 8.23.11 - 12.05.11 And one of my students came in with those FUBUs in black last week - I really had to stifle the laugh when he was showing them to me.
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    Ever think of what you could buy if you sold your Jordan collection?!

    This would be my answer as well.
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    Official Air Jordan 2012 Thread: JB Classic pack drops 4/11/12:: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    That JBC colorway is nice with the navy...but I'm waiting for markdowns to cop a pair. Not sure that one will last that long.
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