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    Nike LeBron 18 *First Look*

    I’m mad late to buying the 18. So, I purchased a few from GOAT last week. The EJs are by far my favorite. (The other two are the Chosen 2 And LA By Night
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    Nike LeBron 18 *First Look*

    The X is my my #1 LBJ series! The white/blk/gold elite X are one of my favorites, as well. i hope to obtain these fa sho.
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    Nike LeBron 18 *First Look*

    bruv! i feel you! i bit at $183 on GOAT for them and am just happy to finally own them. i wish they were cheaper than retail, though.
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    Air Jordan 6 retro “Carmine” - Nike Air - February 13, 2021

    Keep hope alive. That first hour is always like this.
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    Air Jordan 6 retro “Carmine” - Nike Air - February 13, 2021

    FLX is dope... for GR's! i don't even try for the limited drops as (SLC, UT doesn't get em anyway... but that every once-in-awhile, i don't even try). i can usually count on FLX.
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    Trophy Room Jordan 1 (Releasing 11/11/20)

    got an entry in i hope this s*** works
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    Jordan XI Jubilee Holiday 2020

    it's giving an extra 45 mins. keep trying. mine poreviously said 4PM before it went down. now, it's 445PM. (i confirmed)
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    Jordan XI Jubilee Holiday 2020

    i mean, i confirmed a reservation... i THINK haha. i haven't tried since whatever the 2017 pair was. i HOPE i actually confirmed as the app keeps saying 503 error.
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    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    i don't think you'll have a problem. it's not a fair comparison, but the 33's and 34's stuck around for awhile out here (salt lake city).
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    Gibbs holds his own regardless. However, working with Madlib and Alchemist makes his music even better.
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    NIKE Air Jordan IV OG White Fire Red: Black Friday 2020: Nov. 28th

    I HIGHLY doubt you'll miss out.
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    Air Jordan V retro OG - Nike Air - Fire Red/Silver tongue - May 2, 2020

    UPS waited til the last 14 mins of “end of day” to deliver. After waiting all day, I’m glad to finally have them. My friend was supposed to get em for me from the ES. Would up borrowing my money for an extended time.
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    Air Jordan 6 DMP "Black/Metallic Gold" April 18, 2020 | Price: $200

    East bay’s pair was delivered today. Minus the box cutter slash thru the top of the box, the sneakers look great. Eastbay cancelled my order from the restock on Wednesday though. Because there weren’t any left.
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    Air Jordan 6 DMP "Black/Metallic Gold" April 18, 2020 | Price: $200

    I caught an 11 on Eastbay yesterday. I ordered from them Saturday too (DMP). I haven’t received my order confirmation for this second order. Safe to say it’s probably cancelled?
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