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    Vegas cats.... who went to the Kevin Hart "Let Me Explain" show???

    " where you get those... these aint even out yet..." "Im am sooo hungry...Yeah hungry for these white B*ITCHES!!" saw him when he came to seattle...his openers was really good too..
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    NT is back!!!

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    Post your Tumblr
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    Immortals | RD 11.11.11 (3D) | From the Producers of 300

    Just finished watching it... [/spoiler]
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    Energy Drinks?

    rockstar juiced
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    What in your opinion is the single most dishonest profession?

    i dont know what auto technician did to you guys but i dont believe 95% of them are more like 20%. all im saying is you use your car everyday and eventually !@*% breaks down on you. just getting service like a oil change paying $19.99 at jiffy lube isnt really servicing your car..they dont even...
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    NT List - Updated 9/13/11

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