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    On this date in 1977 Bill Walton was named NBA MVP

    bill is cool his son not so much
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    Question about the forum

    It should honestly be 600 and 6
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    Need some motivation fam? I got ya.

    damn i guess i should get started on these papers due tomorrow
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    What has been your biggest failure or personal let down?

    Damn op how u bounced back?I came here to say my biggest L so far is failing one class (calculus I)I feel like I'm not taking school serious and Im just not about that' engineering life Being in a cc doesn't help either
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    Best Produced album of the last...10 years (Hip-Hop)

    Black Album and what op said
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    So How Tough is Law School Really?

    i got a cousin thats an attorney at law, all i know is he got a BA in poly sci and then went to NYU for law, every time we visited his moms he would be in his room reading n stuff well worth it now he caked up dont know exactly but he good and his wife a doctor but can someone explain to me...
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    let this thread die (NYK)

    3-2!!!!!!!! thats word to
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    Lakera vs OKC in the second round

    I got money on okc
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    Lets get a tips, tricks & steps 2 help Produce STICKY PL

    man i just realized hit boy is 24 years old thats crazy, i never produced in my life but just knowing that just makes me want to produce, i got a imac and will def try to learn but as a hobby after school semester is done, but hit boy prob got crazy pro tools right like in what range is his...
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    A little HELP !!

    superhead said he isn't all that though
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    supreme hat clip HELP

    #hypebeastproblems this is why ogs rocky fitteds
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    Yo, NT...whatcha think of my book? (topic:unplanned parenthood) *UPDATE* book done, read outro pg.2

    i like the way you write and book is def entertaining, but yeh dont go off feeling your self tooooo much sounding like a bad father cause at the end of the day you have a family to take care of and if you doing the right things eff what people say i can already see the criticism you going to get...
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    NT: Aware me on buying a car in cash from dealership

    Just buy it off Craig's if u want most of the dealership benefits your going to need credit
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    Disliked characters

    mr beans
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