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    eBAY auctions won...don't post live links

    ^^^Great pick-ups everyone.
  2. luvkix07

    Post your doubles, triples, quadruples....

    This thread is for the true sneakerhead with deep pockets and long credit. I'll post more of my new doubles in a few.
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    My Collection IM 15!!

    Not to bad for 15. Keep it up.
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    who is quitting the shoe game after the BLK/RED 8's???

    I don't support GRAVE DIGGING, but just read the first few pages of this thread before CDP started dropping. Dudes saying CDP are gonna resell for $1000and people will be lined up for every CDP release and how they are going to be so hard to get because of hypebeast. It's actually kinda...
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    Joe Johnson 12.5s?

    The only .5 I think that are hot are 18.5's. Thanks for the pic.
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    Post Pics of Your Room Vol. 2

    My wife and I are hoping to buy a 4 BR house next year. 1 room for the wife and I 1 for each of the kids and 1 for the kicks I can't wait.........
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    POST SICK PICS OF KICKS VOL. letskeepthisonegoing

    This picture makes be feel BLUE..... Amazing TB collectionunified07.
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    +++++ Unified AJ Collection +++++

    Nice photo set-up. When I get the room I would like to have a small photo spot in my house. Dope collection BTW.
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    eBAY auctions won...don't post live links

    Here is a couple of my steals...... Won these for $26 And these DS XIV's for $31 Just won these for $41, no box or card though. Still not bad.
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    most UNDER rated jordan goes to....

    My two cents. It's gotta be the XIV's and to be specific these..... I just love the grey.
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    Official "What's your FAVORITE Jordan of all time?"

    I had that shirt when I was 12....... Oh the memories.
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    DS Air Jordan Collection

    So many DS OG's.....Like McDonalds, "I'm Luvin it" Much respect. I have about 55 DS pairs myself, but mostly retros.. Nice Collection.
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    -= 01cenT's - Penny Hardaway COMPLETE 90's collection + my JORDAN/PIPPEN/MAX/B-BALL =- UPDATED!!!!!!

    Nice set 1-23 on your Jays. I gotta get some Uptempo's..... soo Fresh. Dope Collection.
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    Post Pics of Your Room Vol. 2

    Yo vick5, you bought those Structure Triax's fromD!ck's Sporting Goods. Very good running shoe, Nice. Do you work for them?
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    Post Pics of Your Room Vol. 2

    Nothing to crazy..... Just a couple of pics of my closet.
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