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    ITT: Everything Electro/Dubstep/House/Trance Music

    Yes the album is amazing!
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    ITT: Everything Electro/Dubstep/House/Trance Music

    Please support my website dedicated to EDM:
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    Help Identifying A Font Please!

    I tried the what the font thing already, didnt recognize. And is it just a simple Arial Black?
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    Help Identifying A Font Please!

    If anyone could let me know what font this is that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    NT...what's the dumbest thing you've heard someone say?

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    Tobacco Products Vol. Do you chew?

    Mint Skoal... Safe to say I'm addicted.
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    NT Will I Lose My Virginity In College. Vol 1

    Why yes, yes you will.
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    End of an Era...Niketalk is finished

    WHAT IN GODS NAME IS GOING ON. Someone wake me up from this dream.
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    Tracy morgan has to have the most underated twitter page ever

    People that retweet and respond to fake accounts thinking its the actual person is straight comedy in itself.
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    What is the most alcohol you've drank in one night?

    5th of vodka in a few hours 25 beers in like 6-7 hours.
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    I'm looking for an iPhone with a secret compartment...

    make your own
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    Advice from fellow ex-sneakerheads

    I have not gone into a sneaker store and bought a new jordan retro since the DMP package. (When everything went downhill for me) The thing that slays me is that for a few days after the Concord XI came out they were buying them for $400+ on eBay, when DS Concords from 2001 or even the DMP pack...
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    Slam Dunk Space , Air-Randy and other early overseas sellers

    If you are trying to make a Legit Check guide on SC, why dont you ask SC for this information?
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    -OFFICIAL "What did Santa bring you for Christmas?!?" Thread- Vol: 2011

    Bought myself mad +!%$: from PLNDR (17 T-shirts, 2 snapbacks and a hoodie) Yankees snapback Ralph Lauren Jacket From the rents + grandma: 2 Ralph Lauren button downs 3 Ralph Lauren thermals 2 501 Levis Ralph Lauren Khakis Merry Christmas to all!
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