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    Stay/Get Back In Shape.... Vol 2.0

    Hey guys, couple questions/concerns I've been pretty good with my diet (eating paleo right now) since the super bowl. I've went from 207 to 191... I'm 5'8". I bought a thermogenic (MRI red shred) recently and thought about using it. I haven't been able to get any significant weight loss and...
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    Stay/Get Back In Shape.... Vol 2.0

       THIS through crossfit and eating habits I went from 287 to 185 (in around 2.5 years) and have been struggling w/ this. I'm sure it's loose skin tho, and I've always contemplated surgery. I said eff it and bulked back up (just oly/power lifting) to 195-200 and now wanna slim down again cuz...
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    Body Weight/ Gymnastic Training Exercise NT'ers Unite!

    thank you thank you thank you for starting this. my crossfit coach is big on bw/gymnastic stuff so I hear about it all the time and I try to do stuff every now and then (not enough tho) I transitioned from crossfit met-cons w/ slight weight training (almost 2 years) to (currently my 5th week...
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    The Official Fantasy Football Thread

    Not exactly. RB - AP, Shonn Greene, Lynch QB - Brees, Bradford TE - Gonzalez, Miller I'm hurtin' hahaha
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    The Official Fantasy Football Thread

    so, I have a pretty horrible WR core...horrrrrrible. IMO anyway. I think the worst I've ever had. I need help deciding on who my flex should be. I have Austin and Lloyd starting. Hines is in my flex right now. I have Garcon and Smith from the Eagles (don't ask me why)..on my bench. My logic...
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    Pool Party | Google's Pic sharing app for Android & iPhone | Want an invite?

    may I get one please? (disregard the very immature email hahah)
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    Rise of The Planet of the Apes

    saw it the saturday after initial release, not expecting TOO much, and was blown away by how good it was. Wasn't expecting that. I let out a very audible "what the %%%%?!" when Cesar spoke. saw it again on Tuesday and enjoyed watching the film AND the reactions (the speaking, the spear...
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    Macklemore x Ryan Lewis "WINGS" Official Music Video

    BUMP (for the town!) edit - FAIL b/c someone beat me to it!
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    NBA 2K11 Official Thread (Patch Put for PS3 & XBOX 360)

    Any one check their My Player ratings in game? I'm rated a 67 but when I check my ratings during a game my overall seems to drop to 60 (sometimes 59). SOD, SIT, MED, Quickness, DWR, OWR and a lot more go down. Kind of bummed cuz my midrange, and SOD is maxed out but in game its 80, 85...
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    The Disappearing Nice Guy ...

    Quoted since it wasn't quoted yet
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    The Disappearing Nice Guy ...

    Quoted since it wasn't quoted yet
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    Stay/Get Back In Shape.... Vol 2.0

    Just wanted to share. Whether this inspires you or not, its still pretty cool to watch. Judge it however you want to (annoying Vibram elitists aside), I personally feel that if something keeps you active then I'm all for it. Crossfit games going on live right now in CA. Watch it here...
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    Da Official Apple WWDC Thread: June 7, 2010- 10AM PST/1PM EST

    So does being a customer with AT&T for an extended period of time (say...2004) play a part in getting an upgrade? I've been with AT&T for that long. Had a family line with them since '07, and got the 3GS on release day last June. I'll eventually go to AT&T to talk with them, but was wondering...
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