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    Acquiring Ed Hardy hats for a little less $?

    my opinion its ugly and i cant believe you'll wear that. SMH on YOU!!!
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    ..:Official 2008 NL Central Thread:..Congratulations Chicago Cubs...:

    Wainwright againist the Stros' tonight last time he threw complete game vs them. hopefully my Stros can rough him up just like Looper
  3. mars92

    ..:Official 2008 NL Central Thread:..Congratulations Chicago Cubs...:

    yup such a relief when victorino flied out to end thegame. That was the first time Valverde allowed a run in over a month.
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    NT - My Computer Yells and Plays JayZ Randomly....Help

    lol....never heard of that but have u tried shutting it off or running some anti-virius.....
  5. mars92

    Is this what cats are rocking these days? Really???

    they make shirts out those character too i seen them before.
  6. mars92

    OOPS. Another Wii accident... LOL

    yeah your late but it's still funny lol!
  7. mars92

    January-February Flight Club release (?)

    speaking of flight club those XV's didn't sell out because people dont have the access or code for flight club.
  8. mars92

    just curious......

    nah i'm a sophmore, your confused with world geography that's freshmen class, but i'm talking about world history ;sophmore. thank you to all of yall even to you to Robby Valentino.
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    just curious......

  10. mars92

    just curious......

    real talk tho...
  11. mars92

    just curious...... do i know if a girl likes me? i like this girl in my world history class but i dont know how she feels about me? we talk and everything but i still dont know. NT yall been around the block so....
  12. mars92

    Would you eat here?

    oh ok Philippinos.........
  13. mars92

    Jordan 3 black/red ?

    ive seen some fakes exactly like those.
  14. mars92

    Merry Christmas you filthy animal. And a Happy New Year.

    lol @ that dude cliff's reaction!
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