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    Nike USA Olympic Basketball Pack

    man i still need those uptempos. im too broke
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    Is $18k too much for a 1996 Impala SS?

    i know that the car can perform but i was talking from an exterior point of view. so if a vw beetle had a vette engine in it would you still want it??? imo opinion no because it looks lame as hell and ugly. i know the impala is a car with lots of power but it looks like crap. just my opinion im...
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    Looking to buy a car..VOL... CHEAP

    98-01 accord 99-03 civic 98-02 nissan maxima 00-01 inifinti i30 00-02 celica 00-01 camry 99-00 acura rl 98 lexus gs 300 ( high mileage) these are all some decent/good cars to get on a 4k budget.
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    R.I.P Teena Marie aka Lady T

    i was on boxden and found out she had died today. A legend will be missed "bumps square biz"
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    R.I.P Teena Marie aka Lady T

    i was on boxden and found out she had died today. A legend will be missed "bumps square biz"
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    OFFICIAL MARCH 2010 PICKUP POST - no pic quoting!!!

    nice pickups everybody
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    YO! December 2009 Pick Up Post Vol. NO PIC QUOTING/SELLING.

    Man Those Space Jams look fake as hell in Easy3000 post. I know they are real but man they just look awful in that pic
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    Nike SB Dunk High Gucci*Detailed Photos and Release Info*

    These are fresh. i might cop me a pair hopefully they wont be rape
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    These joints aren dope. I have to get the blue ones before i get these. I hope they go on sale
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    The Official Tennessee NT'er Post **Southern Takeover**

    Wassup yall, this is milkladder from Memphis,TN. I Stay in Whitehaven.I didnt know this post exists and i didnt know that there was this many tennessee peopleon niketalk. what it is everybody. Do anybody know if there are any griffeys in memphis. ive damn near checked everywhere
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    Bodylastics..... anyone use them??

    Yes these thing work, i have the terrell owens bodylastics. they will rip you up, those things ARE GREAT AND WORTH EVERY PENNY
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    B-Grade Hares 93 shipped !!!!!!! FTW from ebay (thanks clipseofdoom)
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    *** MARCH 2009 PICK-UP THREAD (DO NOT QUOTE PICS): NT not affected by the economic slum! ***

    my pickup 44.00 off of swoosh FTW. glad i can wear a 12 in womens lol
  14. milkladder

    *** FEBRUARY 2009 PICK-UP THREAD (DO NOT QUOTE PICS): Recession? What recession?? ***

    Nice transformer trainers King Sole. I still need a pair
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