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    Jordan III Desert Elephant - July 30, 2022 now

    Lasership lost my pair I bought from snkrs. Got refunded today.
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    Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 OG “Fire Red” 2022

    Definitely in for 1. That being said, I will have 3 very similar 3s between these, cardinals, and the Katrina's. These of course will supercede the other 2 pairs.
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    Jordan III Desert Elephant - July 30, 2022 now

    Anyone hit on ship to home from champs?
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    Jordan XI Navy Velvet (Women) - November 11, 2022

    Those blues don't mat h the description on these. Are they releasing as well this year?
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    Jordan XIII French Blue - August 20, 2022

    Cowboys colorway. Definitely in.
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    All things Jordan XI thread

    I agree that the upcoming red 11s could a little black on the accents to break it up a bit. I still love them and am all in, but they could be a little better .
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    Is the Instant Sell Out and Hype Finally Declining?

    I've gotten everything I wanted so far this year. Only paid resell on a pair of 72 and 10 lows from ebay since I could only grab 1 on rd. With the coupon, they were 212 shipped, same as my Champs pair. While this is good, it's still not to pre covid levels. I got multiple pairs of both snake...
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    AJ XI Low 72-10 May 14, 2022

    When I click on the shoes, it now says they are in the process of getting it to me (paraphrasing). Think we are good to go.
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    AJ XI Low 72-10 May 14, 2022

    Says I won ship to home on champs and to check inbox. No order information under orders or a message in my email inbox or champs inbox on the app. Am I ok? I did get charged.
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    Jordan 11 ‘Cherry’ Holiday 2022

    Shade of red looks good! 3 pairs
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    UNC Jordan 13 2022

    All the way in. I liked the cp 13s besides the logo on thr tongue. Great color blocking.
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    Jordan Two Trey

    These might be the worst frankenjordans of them all. The patent not going all the way around is comical. These made the dub zero and spizikes look wearable. Unbelievable.
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    Jordan 11 ‘Cherry’ Holiday 2022

    In no matter what, but we need a nice and vibrant shade of red on these. The last rendition of the lows was way too dull.
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    Air Jordan 13 Navy April 29, 2022

    Eeek. Well, maybe $10 off will suffice.
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    Air Jordan 13 Navy April 29, 2022

    Can you use status rewards on these? Reserved a pair and still have 2700 points. Would love to get 20 off if I cash in for a status reward.
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