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    Ginger 14 Low Restoration Help

    thanks man, i appreciate your input!
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    Ginger 14 Low Restoration Help

    i recently picked up a pair of '99 ginger 14 lows and they had some black marks on both toe boxes that i tried to get out by using rubbing alcohol... well, i rubbed a bit too hard and actually discolored the toe box in those places as shown in the picture... i have white angelus paint that tried...
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    2009 Jordan XI Space Jam tongue label fix

    Hey all, I'm new to these forums so please excuse that, but I have a question that I hope somebody would be able to help me with. I recently purchased some 2009 Space Jams and right away I was skeptical as to the tongue label placement on them which seems to want to stay in between the 3rd and...
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