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    sole collector reviews???

    i dont know iss that much, but i liked kicksology and prof k. his reviews were awesome! that are good news. adress of the site???
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    sole collector reviews???

    someone got the reviews of the kobe i and ii and zoom bb? can someone please post the scores for the shoes in traction / fit / cushion and support? if you can post a link or the full review it would be nice too!
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    If you could sit down with any 5 athletes EVER...

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    flight club

    do they shipp to europe????
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    The future of Flight Club

    do they shipp to europe????
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    Jordan Flight Club a waste

    do they ship to europe?????
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    juhuuuu :D
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    Any similar shoe or better than XIV???

    the jordan xiv is one of my all time favourite. the complet package. i love this shoe. you can try the kobe i or zoom legend ( which is similiar to the kobe i but without carbon fiber but lighter than the kobe 1)! i also like and1 shoes like the and1 rebel or lockdown. both good guards shoes...
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    WDYWT Air Jordan Edition Vol. 2

    nice stuff everyone. do not forget to read jordan 23 4000th post. its amazing!!!
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    Joerdan23's ~ 4000th ~ The Ultimate Pick up ~ PG 8

    great post! amazing collection. cant believe that you got so many rare stuff. i really wonder how people manage to get such an impressive collection. :hat :hat :hat spiderman v pe in germany.??? more on that later??? joerdan23 tell me that you will keep your jays forever! dont sell them when...
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    zoom legend sizing???

    are they true to size??? i have a US: 10 in jordan xiv and v, iii etc...!
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    My "Nike Air Zoom Kobe-2" REVIEW

    i guess theyare heavier than the zoom kobe i and 2k5. look at eastbay. and from my test wearing they fell heavier than the kobe i. i alos test the zoom legend which was so light. strap works really good. the cushion is awesomm too. i dont like the traction somehow.
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    WDYWT ~~Air Jordan Edition~~

    those og concords are one of the best shoes ever! whish i had a pair. soo icey :hat :hat :hat happy birthday!!!! awesome!!! birthday present??
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    WDYWT ~~Air Jordan Edition~~

    Dynatrix only short question: are you from europe??? germany?? right??
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    WDYWT ~~Air Jordan Edition~~

    nice jays everyone. those vi are so nice like the girl the page before with those tight cg ix! :hat
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