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    Air Jordan 6 OLYMPIC JULY 2012 Now with Photos!

    has any1 thought bout painting to midsole (flipping the colors) to match the 2000 retroes?
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    follow me i_DARE_YOU_TOO All NTers will be followed back
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    :::Official Air Jordan XI low white/red release thread 5/5/12: NO BUYING, SELLING or TRADING!:::

    Got mines for 98$ out the door _ men sz too.. but lol at this clown
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    thanks guys . is it worth it to buy & trade for other shoes?
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    gretzky ... vol 99 problems ...

    + spoiler
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    Most clever or witty comebacks to online banter?

    "thats y i %%@$ your BM "
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    P/C on vnds 2011 Concords

    there NO BOX & he originally priced them at $240
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    P/C on vnds 2011 Concords

    theyre real . hes hungry for $$ I guess
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    P/C on vnds 2011 Concords

    the guy claims he wore them twice. i seen pics and they are fresh . i got him down to 160$ __ good price?
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    vick5's sneaker collection

    tha hairs !!! nice
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    Official Air Jordan XV Retro Post!

    can i get an invite ?? !!1 sum1 hit me up
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    Pnoy Ny's collection

    first time ive seen timbs in a collection post u got sum goood stuff
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    RRthaKing23's Kix

    goood stufff man
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    3thaman's collection, come on in.

    your winter stack is seriuos goood stuff
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