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    A Photoseries On Sneakerheads. Seeking Subjects (Update)

    im down....PM me and let me know the details....peas!!
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    Chicago Bars/Lounges that spin HipHop on Fridays?

    theres always funky before 10...sometimes theres a band but 95% of the time is hip-hop
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    Where to cop SB DUNKS in Chicago? fault.....yea, belmont army is right., juss forgot to add belmont to it......ahhhh, so thats why they moved.....makes sense now....
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    Where to cop SB DUNKS in Chicago?

    if youre looking for sb's, besides uprise.....theres also army surplus and leaders...if youre near joliet, check out jerichs and if youre near the northern part of the burbs theres a new spot called "beaumonde shoes"....they dont have an sb account but you can do cosignment there if youd like...
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    HAHAHA.......whats good stanza??? i was the dood you took a pic with.....haha, its funny to see a bunch filipino kids rocking kicks and right away we think "are you on niketalk"?? anywho, SLU SHOULDVE TOOOOOOK IT TOO!!!! i thought i was the only dood that thought so but it was a good...
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