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    Best of luck to everyone.  Kobe V x AJ V
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    YO! October 2009 Pick Up Post vol. NBA Preseason!!!

    Just got these in
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    Thanks for all the helpful info. Entering UMich in 3 weeks.
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    The Official Mac Thread (Docs, Themes, Apps, Etc.)

    If anyone could post that icon of the Nike Mcfly shoes I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    Air Jordan Photoshop Sketches???

    Hope these help. Wish I could give credit to the creator but I just remember pulling them off NT a few years ago.
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    ~~NIKE Future Sole 2009 Official Post~~ TOP FINALISTS ANNOUNCED 8/5

    Ben, any tips or advice you can share with the finalists that you wish you knew before you embarked on your final design project and/or went to Beaverton?
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    ~~NIKE Future Sole 2009 Official Post~~ TOP FINALISTS ANNOUNCED 8/5

    Congratulations to the 3 other finalists. Looking forward to meeting you all in Oregon
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    New Footwear Design Website

    I've always enjoyed and respected your work from a distance. Nice website.
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    open sketch thread

    Flight84 and arff23, excellent renderings.
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