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    ( ( ( WDYWT-OCTOBER-2007 ) ) )

    for my XC meet a day or so ago hhaha yeah kinda shady pick but those are tiger striped compression shorts but i win er meet so no one dare say ne thing 2fresh Narkicks
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    Air Max 90 Warhawk

    hahah sterlz good to see ya on the forums haha good lucking finding these and ah the guy i think flaked on iss with my luckys i was gunna pay 410 for them to oh well 2fresh Narkicks
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    Back To School Pack Release Dates???

    i herd rumors these are gunna be quick strikes anyone verify? 2fresh Narkicks
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    Ebay Report: Vol Summer 07 - No Live Auction Links!!

    ha i picked up a pair of the JB classics for i think 22 shipped i mean dag the retail is 235. i would pay 22 for just the accessories they came with its nasssssssty link if anyones intrested: 2fresh Narkicks
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    Community Service Hours?

    haha yeah im RVA and im needing 16 hours in the next 30 days i have no clue what im gunna doo 2fresh Narkicks
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    Gamers on NT

    i "pwn" in fifa 07 for ps2 and 360 GT= sfsplaya PM first i have to set up my live account havent gott around to it 2fresh Narkicks
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    Post pics of HIGH-END DESIGNER SHOES...(pics)

    his gucci slips deff crush 2fresh Narkicks
  8. narkicks

    Graffiti Showcase/ Show me your black books!

    i only wish i could to this 2fresh Narkicks
  9. narkicks

    kidrobot"mars blackmon"munny

    hahaha thats so sick nasty 2fresh Narkicks
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