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    City's Signature Basketball Moves

    FWIW UCLA is in a well-off (read: extra soft) part of town...dudes in other parks like Venice are hardnose players just like anywhere else.
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    Post Your Unpopular Music Opinions

    Kush & OJ is one of the best mixtapes ever. Is that an unpopular opinion?
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    OverDoz. - "Lauren London" (MUSIC VIDEO)

    Overdoz stays with dope videos. Keep up the good work.
  4. nash

    Soulja Boy is now ...........

    Wiz Khalifa...'Ocean Gang or Drown!'
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    Classic ALBUM/MIXTAPE Skits/Interlude

    'You had your 15 minutes of fame Fly, you can go somewhere else, just go!' Whatchoo mean go somewhere else?! $$$$ you! '$$$$ you too bro...' I know this motha****a ain't just hung up in my face!
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    Chris Brown - I Don't Like (Drake Diss)

    CB should stick to singing IMO.
  7. nash

    Soulja Boy is now ...........

    damn dude is trying really hard to sound like someone from LA.
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    Rhymefest blasts Cheif Keef & Interscope for promoting violent music

    I came in here ready to hate but I feel what Rhymefest is saying. The Prison Industrial Complex is a very real thing and we as rap fans have to understand how we contribute to its cycle.
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    OFFICIAL 2012 LOS ANGELES DODGERS THREAD : 68-58 Dodgers/BoSox complete minimal trade

    Juan Uribe is complete garbage. Waste of $8m.
  10. nash

    Paris Hilston DJing in Brazil, though... NSFANYWHERE

    and not even like that but most girl DJs I've heard were pretty bad too. this was str8 garbage though.
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    Do you ever get bored with the music you have?

    Yeah. I have about 4k songs on my HD and I don't listen to hardly any of them anymore.
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    Canibus has officially smoked himself ******ed

    is that video a camera recording of a computer screen playing another video?
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    Are attractive people treated differently? Do looks REALLY matter?

    they matter. and yes good looks are a blessing but it's not all greener pastures if you've got them. for one thing people expect a lot more out of you socially (you're assumed to have lots of friends, romantic partners and things like that) and it's easy to miss those expectations.
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    CDC Warns Untreatable Gonorrhea is On the Way

    wow wrong thread
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    Rappers who are nice but you dont listen to

    eminem comes to mind. I know he can rap but outside of a few singles I've never been a fan of his music.
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