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    NT: School me on Nike Air Talarias

    yea, i just got the black/pink/voltage for $20 myself, im thinkin about grabbin the black ones...mad comfy
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    Outlet Factory Updates!

    the outlets dont call you to give you the tracking number, you can call them usually the next business day after you order them if u want the trackingnumber
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    there was no hype because there was no rediculouly colored dunks in it
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    Whats Good w/ the Niagara Falls (NY) Outlets?

    that might be the worst outlet center on earth next to Bellport, NY. Its usually a waste of time
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    OFFICIAL Hypebeasts Thread

    anybody that wears an all-over print should be shot...thought id add that
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    HUF AM1 & AM90 (Crack Part 2)

    wow, those are both fire
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    - Nike's most comfortable shoes of all time -

    I will agree with the Air max Solas and add Air max deluxe, and the Air Max Tailwind 5. Prestos are amazing also.
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    Buffalo Nter's HELP ME OUT...INFO PLEASE

    tony walker and co. on main street by the 90 entrance. good high end clothing and even some good kicks
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    Strong Island Stand up

    sneaker bistro sucks, they jack up the prpices and the guys are asses, Renarts in Commack is the best store i've seen on Long Island, retail prices and limited stuff
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    Upcoming Nike - Zoom BB

    the half circle of leather on the side kinda ruins the lines
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    there's a couple real sneaker heads but you just gotta look real hard.
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    ~ NBA/NFL Feet of Jordans, OLD-SCHOOL Edition ~

    screw the jordans...the air zoom jets in the first pic(on the d-back) are fire
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    ~ Andruw-Jeter-NFL Feet of Jordans, 2007! ~

    anyone else notice the guy on the warriors rockin the airmax chosen's from like 3 or 4 years ago??
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    -=Upstate NY (Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse/Albany) Check-In=-

    hey justhotkicks...if you're ever in riverhead stop in the nike outlet and look for Jourdan...I also left buffalo about a month ago.
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    -=Upstate NY (Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse/Albany) Check-In=-

    in may the outlet in riverhead had the pippen 2's for $59.99, fsr, they might still have if anyone really wants.
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