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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Agreed. I love my 09 4.6L. I'm still a little astonished by how lame the 5.0s sound. Impressive motor all around, but sounds like crap. Jaehow— What FI were you thinking about?
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    SC is my plan. Forced induction is a general term for either SC or Turbo. I'll probably go with the Roush M90 since it'll get me pretty close to 500whp and my understanding is that the 3V 4.6 block can't handle much more than that without rebuilding it anyways. If I decide that 470-500 isn't...
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    Recommend me a car.. 4k is the budget

    I know it's not the prettiest car ever, but check out late 80s/early 90s 5.0 Mustangs. You can probably find one locally with under 80k miles in good shape for >$4k. If you prefer to go JDM, you already listed what I would recommend. The 240sx is a great platform with endless options and...
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Ha. That's what everyone tells me. I drive 60 miles round trip every day with lots of highway miles so I don't think 4.10s will really work for me right now. I plan on going F/I in the future anyways so a 4.10 in a blown car wouldn't work out that great. The rear end is getting replaced by...
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    I agree, coilovers is basically all you need. Hell you could just throw on springs and never have to get new shocks if it isnt too low. Dude is talking way too much carscience. Its serious, but you are talking at WAY ends of the spectrum. You can choose to lower your car however you want to...
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    You clearly don't understand this concept of the geometry of a car. I never said that there was a downside to coilovers— I said that lowering the car ALONE was a bad idea. As far as lateral movement, it's real and it's there. I pre-googled it for you here. No LMGTFY. I'm well aware of what...
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Basic suspension knowledge. A car's geometry from the factory is built to be squared so that the body only moves up and down— not laterally or longitudinally. When you alter one part of that (i.e. ride height), you have to alter other things too in order to keep the geometry straight. Things...
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Yes, you could replace the already modded parts. But the damage from an incomplete lowering job is already done. I wouldn't ACTUALLY offer $700. I meant that sarcastically— I actually wouldn't offer anything. As far as the transmission, judging by the mods, I think it's relatively safe to...
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Sounds like a piece of !@!!.  Coilovers alone means that the person wanted a lower ride, but didn't realize that properly lowering a vehicle and keeping the body aligned and in decent shape requires a LOT more than just coilovers/springs/whatever. The fact that there's no brand names tells...
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    You should be really proud of that ride. Sophisticated mods for sure. The Mopar badge is a really nice touch, as are the wheels and chin spoiler. Modern, but still classic. Nice job. Any mods under the hood?
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    Post your EDC (everyday carry).

    Wallet iPhone 4 Guitar pick Sharpie Pen PaperMate 0.5 or 0.7 mechanical pencil Notebook (in work bag) Car keys w/ bottle opener Leatherman Crater c33Tx Leatherman Blast multi-tool (in work bag/car) Small LED light (in work bag/car— not shown) I used to carry the Leatherman Blast every day, but...
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    Hi, My Name Is...

    Did you know you can type your password on any forum and it just comes up as asterisks? [/spoiler]
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    Marriage issues mature advice please

    My fiancée and I just got done reading this. Easy read and some really good thoughts in there. Definitely worth the read, and should definitely help. I'm not one for crappy self help type books, but we thought it would be interesting to read together and the reading wasn't so much interesting as...
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    ART DISCUSSION: What is art? Who/what inspires you?

    Quality coffee and/or espresso and cigarettes. I wish I was kidding. Best not to sleep. If there are essay questions, being a bit fuzzy in the head from not sleeping might actually help.
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    NT's Cadillac Owners Come On In. NT CADILLAC CLUB.

    Used to drive a 2001 DTS until it blew a rod in August. I loved that car and put 80k miles on it in 5 years and loved every mile of it. That motor is a dream, but it was gonna be 12k bones to replace that Northstar system. Mad respect for the Cadillacs. Really came close to buying another one...
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