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    NT....How many of yall can dunk a basketball

    Easy. But I'm 6'5"
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    has anyone ever had Meniscus Surgery?

    I spent a week on the couch, 3 days on crutches, and month in rehab before I got cleared to play again. Took about a year before I felt completely normal againtho :/
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    When it comes to playing hoops, when is enough... enough?

    I had the same problem... surgery for the meniscus tear and then the recurring tear problem... The second time I opted to go in for therapy in an attempt to avoid the surgery and that has worked wonders. I've worked for about 8 weeks now with the PTto strengthen my hips and ankles and it's...
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    playing with finger injury

    Just tape it to your middle finger above and below the joint and it should be good to go...
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    Cheap iphone on Ebay. Ya or Nay

    Hopefully you used ebay to buy it? If you just made an agreement via email and paid him you will be sol if he doesn't ship.
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    The Bucket List
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    Cheap iphone on Ebay. Ya or Nay

    don't do it man
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    Sort of Strange request from my neighbor

    don't do it ... sounds exactly like those Nigerian scam emails
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    Cheap iphone on Ebay. Ya or Nay

    The phone was not unlocked... the seller "mistakenly" put that in the description and then edited it near the bottom.
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    Cheap iphone on Ebay. Ya or Nay

    I'm not sure if that's the phone you were talking about originally but 460 for used and not unlocked is a definite no in my book. 91.7% feedback score and the seller changing the description from jailbroken to not reeks of dishonesty as well...
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    Cheap iphone on Ebay. Ya or Nay

    Link won't work for me
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    text message question

    If I take out my sim card and put it back in my phone redownloads the last 50 or so msgs... I have t-mobile tho.
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