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    Apatment Help!

    You need some English help too.
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    What was the last terrible idea your girlfriend had?

    Michelle I have a little bit of white hair dye, it would be great for streaking.
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    Soulja Boy took NT's dreamgirl

    Still cant smash
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    [Edit: banned for posting inappropriate .gif to insult another NTer - hm]
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    Afro Latino Vol 1

    Everyone is African /thread
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    Sydney, Australia = Mars

    I hope it doesnt hit LA. Not because I like anyone from there. Because the first place LA people gonna run is to NY. And I aint having that.
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    Sydney, Australia = Mars

    That couldn't happen in NY though cause we don't have a giant desert in the middle of it.Still crazy
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    Im 19 and about to have my own apartment.. FML

    Tea parties?
  9. ninjasonik

    White Philly Cop Told to Lose Cornrows

  10. ninjasonik

    NT, When did you get your first kiss? Vol. No mommy or cheek

    Me and this girl rochelle would play hide and go find her pum pum, no joke I was maybe 5, 6 she was about 10/11 growing up in jamaica was crazy
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    What If NT Got Really Big? (Facebook Twitter Status)

    I wanna connect with you
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    10 companies on the verge on bankruptcy Vol: Sprint

    Nah, T mobile is GSM and sprint is CDMA. Plus t-mobile is actually doing pretty good right now. Why would they buy that wack %%* company
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    Rosario Dawson Appreciation

    Actually just did a google search, she got nipples like a new forming volcano OWWWWW SO WAVY
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